I’m using the Patreon platform….

…as a way of attracting ongoing support for the work here at TPB. Patreon is a unique site that allows creators of all kinds to set up levels of support for those who wish to support creative work and projects in an ongoing manner. It’s similar to crowdfunding, but as I like to call it, it’s a modern day House of Medici.

Supporting the creative artists, such as writers, painters, sculptors, and now filmmakers and online teachers has largely been made possible by those who feel strongly about the endeavors and/or the creator. In the Renaissance period, wealthy aristocrats became patrons of the arts in this manner.

Why you might consider becoming a supporter

There are a lot of folks who know that these are beneficial endeavors that can help change the world because they lead to less violence, healthier choices, and happier people.

They also feel that the books and courses I create help thousands of readers and students. In this small way, they want to do what they can to keep this work going.

“By supporting the work of TPB with an ongoing contribution of support, they, too, can help change the world.”

Levels of Support & Rewards

The following are the support levels and rewards associated with each.

INITIATE LEVEL: $7 or higher/mo. Support me at this level and receive the following:


  • Private unlimited access to my Patreon-Supporters Blog (on the site you’ll get the sign in info later)
  • Get listed (name and/or website link) on my Facebook page as a certified Patreon supporter!

MONK LEVEL – $17 or higher/mo.  You are really serious about helping me and for that I’ll reward you with all the rewards of the INITIATE level as well as the following:


  • Your name will get in the video details on the YouTube channel for each and every video. 
  • If you have a website, I’ll link to that as well. (Since YouTube is the second largest search engine online, your site will potentially be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers.) 
  • In addition, you’ll receive a free PDF copy of all books I publish while you’re a Patreon supporter as huge thank you being on my team! 

AWAKENED LEVEL – $27 or higher/mo. You wield a mighty sword and you’ve used it to impact my life beyond measure. Thank you, most worthy Awakened One! In addition to receive all the INITIATE and MONK level rewards, I have some special rewards for this level of support:


  • Featured role in YouTube video – if you have a non-profit, an online business, or a charity to promote, what better way than be interviewed and have it posted online! 
  • Have a book dedicated to you – After all, your support made writing it possible. 🙂 
  • In addition, you’ll receive a free print copy of all books I publish while you’re a Patreon supporter as huge thank you being on my team! 
  • Free adminission to all courses I facilitate during the time you’re a Patreon supporter. Tuition will be free for you!

BUDDHA LEVEL – $37 or higher/mo. I bow to your innate holiness. You’re an Official Sponsor of my work, kind of like the House of Medici in the Ressaisance period supporting artists they believed in! You seriously rock in all your generous finery! In addition to the rewards of the INITIATE, MONK, and AWAKENED levels, you’ll be entitled to receive:


  • Attribution in each blog post and video as a BUDDHA level supporter
  • Private Zen Meditation coaching via online or in-person sessions
  • A seat on my Advisor’s Council – individuals at this level receive each book in beta format if they choose, and can offer suggestions and edits before it goes to print. This allows you to impact the work I do for others by providing feedback and input during the creative process.