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Barry Wayne Morris…that’s me… a writer, author, and also known as The Practical Buddhist. I’m the author of several books including, Life After Corporate and The Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual. I’ve been a physician and surgeon, a college dean and college president, a writing coach, a father to four adult children and GrandDad to seven very cute littles. To say I’ve had a mosaic life is an understatement.  I’m now a consultant and author.

A life-long writer and seeker of creative expression, I writes daily and publish here or on my other blog, In addition to writing, I developed a spiritual practice consisting of three active practices that anyone can implement to eliminate suffering; they include meditation, mindfulness, and compassionate-kindness.

I left big religion following a divorce that left me all but shunned by my former friends and spiritual community. I spent a year examining my beliefs and experienced an existential awakening.  I came to the conclusion that none of my former beliefs were based in reality and that going forward I would only trust that which I could experience. I now live without beliefs. 

My favorite books on Buddhism include, Buddhism: It’s Not What You Think, Buddhism Plain and Simple, and Meditation Now of Never, all by Zen Priest, Steve Hagen. 

Barry and Benjamin at The Grand Canyon
Barry (l) and Benjamin (r) at The Grand Canyon

I’m currently a hybrid technical writing consultant, blogger, and caregiver. I share my home in Silicon Valley with my aging parents and attend to the daily needs of my 85 year-old father who is in his final months of life, suffering with both idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and Alzheimer’s dementia.

My  83 year-old diabetic mother also has a seizure disorder and kidney disease.

I’m also a motorcyclist and recently rode my BMW R1150GS across the US -and back- with my second-oldest son, Benjamin, in June of 2016

I’m active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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