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9 Little Known Proposal Mistakes that Result in Lower Scores & How to Turn Them Around

Any one of these nine mistakes will derail your SOQ from being shortlisted or your technical proposal from receiving a higher scores. 

If your firm is experiencing low or inconsistent scoring on your technical proposals, you have undiagnosed problems and, very likely, they include one or more of these nine fatal proposal phase mistakes. 

Unless you correct them, you’ll not rise above them. Click here for more details.

covers-tpbThe Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual, Rev. 2nd Edition – 2016

The Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual was tempered by over fifty years of inquiry, study, and direct experience. In this book, I write about the role religion plays in my life, society, and clearly explain what’s behind Practical Buddhism.

The Practical Buddhist is supported by a blog located here. If you’re interested in Buddhism or living life no longer influenced by Big Religion, I invite you visit the site and subscribe to the newsletter called Practical Zen.

 You can check out the book by clicking here.


covers-bujo-guideThe Bullet Journal Power User Guide

When I discovered the Bullet Journal analog system for productivity management, in a very brief time it completely changed the way I approached everything having to do with planning, scheduling, and journaling.

I wrote this book to help others become better at managing their time using a pen and notebook and have sold hundreds of copies from my site at however, this title is no longer available.