Consulting Options

I offer the following levels of consulting for AEC firms and technical proposal teams.

This consulting option is for executives tasked with recruiting and staffing either a world class proposal team or seeking qualified individual personnel.

It’s not always obvious know where to begin, where to look for qualified personnel, or what compensation packages are considered competitive.

I can help your firm navigate these issues with:

  ~ Candidate qualification criteria
  ~ Candidate recruiting interviews
  ~ Discussions with Human Resources Personnel
  ~ Candidate Panel Discussions


In this option I work directly with your proposal team to diagnose current issues and make suggestions for moving forward.

Have a team in place? That’s great but if their performance isn’t what it could be, you need my assistance in coaching and mentoring the team as a whole to uncover issues that may be hindering their progress.

Coaching and working with teams to improve individual skills, team unity, and overall performance enhancements is what I can bring to your growing/struggling team.

I can help your team increase their performance with:

  ~ Individual coaching and mentoring
  ~ Mentor New Personnel in SOQ and Proposal Management
  ~ Conduct Detailed Post-Submission Performance Debriefs 
  ~ Submit Reports to Management on Team / Individual Progress


Perhaps you’re not quite ready to hire staff but you need assistance with an SOQ and/or technical proposal.

Under the right circumstances, I can personally assist you in the management of these importance responses.

I can provide your firm with these proposal services:

  ~ SOQ / Proposal Management
  ~ Section Management
  ~ Editing and Revisions
  ~ Conduct and Manage Pink , Red, and Final Team Reviews

Let’s Move Forward Together

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