Shutting Down Your Inner Drama Queen

Download ‘How to Silence Your Inner Drama Queen!’

drama-queena gentle nudge in the direction of stillness…and shutting down the drama

Can a drama queen learn to be gentle? Sure they can; the Buddha spent his entire adult life teaching others to eliminate inner drama and the suffering it brings.

Introducing: How to Silence Your Inner Drama Queen: TPB’s Practical Meditation Course for Ex-Drama Queen Wannabes

We’ve put together a free 24-page booklet to help you shut down the queen. Just like the Buddha did almost 2,600 years ago when he sat beneath the Banyan tree and mediated until he saw life and reality for what they were.

The booklet gently nudges you toward a sustainable meditation practice with illustrations of common postures to try, instruction for your initial meditation sessions, and the offer of assistance in any way possible.

Join us here at TPB and start doing battle with your own inner drama. Well, battle is a strong word…still, I think it fits. Those drama queens can be ferocious.

Just fill in the brief form below and then check your email for confirmation instructions. After that, you’ll be taken to a page with video instructions about where to click to download the PDF booklet. (It’s really easy!)

See you on the inside! (pun intended…)