The Little Book That Can Save Your Firm Millions

How To Fix the Nine Serious Proposal Mistakes Most AEC Firms Make Pursuing Large Projects

9-Mistakes-Cover-2The 9 Fatal Mistakes of Proposal Phase Management & How to Fix Them

Any one of these mistakes will derail your SOQ from being shortlisted or your technical proposal from receiving a higher score

Mistakes are made in the SOQ/Proposal Phase all the time. After reading this book, you’ll never have to suffer through them again. Read the following to see if any of the nine mistakes sounds familiar…

The nine fatal mistakes every AEC firm dreads…but keep making.

Part One: Pursuit Manager Mistakes

  • Mistake 1: Failure to Empower Your Proposal Manager
  • Mistake 2: Failure to Listen to Your Proposal Manager
  • Mistake 3: Failure to Partner With Your Proposal Manager

Part Two: Proposal Manager Mistakes

  • Mistake 4: Failure to Storyboard Before Assigning Authorship
  • Mistake 5: Failure to Follow Up With Primary Authors
  • Mistake 6: Failure to Limit Attendance at the First Review

Part Three: Pursuit Team Mistakes

  • Mistake 9: Failure to Plan for Effective Red Team Review
  • Mistake 8: Failure to Include Proposal Staff in Task Force Groups
  • Mistake 7: Failure to Effectively Manage Design Deadlines

Correcting These Mistakes

In this book I explain how they arise and how to correct them

If your firm is experiencing low or inconsistent scoring on your technical proposals, you have undiagnosed problems and, very likely, they include one or more of these nine fatal proposal phase mistakes. Unless you correct them, you’ll not rise above them.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why these mistakes occur
  • How to recognize the most common scenario for each
  • How each mistake puts the proposal at risk
  • How to turn the situation around

But I’ll Warn You…You won’t like what you learn. 

You won’t like it because the solutions aren’t easy corrections. They aren’t simple tweaks. That’s because the mistakes themselves represent deep issues with institutional traditions and culture that aren’t easily corrected. 

This book for those organizations that are willing to do what it takes to win. It’s for proposal managers who want to work on this change from the inside.

I Learned the Hard Way Over Five, Long Years

Undertaking the kind of work that this eBook recommends is tough. It takes time, and it can be frustrating. I know from personal experience.

As a Sr. Proposal Manager with the responsibility for leading $200+ million transportation and infrastructure proposals for a national construction firm in the U.S., I experienced first hand how each of these nine mistakes led to lower proposal scores and lost work opportunities.

I worked from within to effect change. For over five years, I led a team that created awareness and instituted proposal practices that, over time, consistently led to higher scores and repeated project wins. My team shortlisted on 95% of SOQ’s and scored either first or second on all technical proposals using the practices I describe in the book.

It Doesn’t Have to Take Your Firm That Long

This eBook is your plan set for making the changes that matter most.

As the Pursuit Manager, the expectation to make certain every project pursuit is prosecuted with skill and efficiency is yours. Understanding how your role impacts the proposal and resulting score is critical.

As the Proposal Manager, your responsibility is to produce the most compliant, responsive, and comprehensive document possible. Unless you’re bringing your A-Game each and every time, you’re part of the problem.

The Pursuit Team needs to operate as a cohesive, integrated single unit and not like a random assembly of firms each with their own agenda. Unless this issues affecting all are recognized and dealt with, the proposal will suffer.

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