How To Silence Your Inner Drama Queen



Let me ask you something…

  • Do you ever catch yourself worrying about making rent or the future of your relationship?
  • Do you rehearse conversations with your boss just so you’re prepared with a good come-back?
  • Ever feel that general sense of dissatisfaction even thought you just bought the newest iWhatever?



We all experience this inner drama and turmoil more often than we realize. Our inner drama arises from our misguided notion that we can actually control life’s outcomes, such as…

~ wanting things to be permanent and never changing (I want to be with him/her forever!) …when we know that nothing is actually permanent and everything is in flux

~ having preconceived ideas about how life should be (dammit, you deserve that pay raise and the corner office) …instead of just seeing what is

Living this way, attached to the drama of our inner life, only leads to an overall feeling of disappointment and dissatisfaction and that, my friend, is when the queen emerges in all her glory.

The alternative is living free from your inner drama queen through mindful and attentive living.


How to silence your inner drama and lead a happier life

Hi, I’m Baz and I’m also a drama queen.  

I started TPB a few years ago to help every person know the freedom of living day-to-day without the nagging chatter of our inner prima donna.

You and I have created a bad habit out of suffering. And like any bad habit, there isn’t an app, a magic pill, or an instant cure. Instead, three simple, straightforward practices can help us eliminate the suffering habit.

Through the daily practices of meditation, mindfulness, and compassionate-kindness, we can kick suffering to the curb and the tools  to tame your inner drama queen whenever she chimes in….and she will always do so.

My free booklet, How to Silence Your Inner Drama Queen: TPB’s Practical Meditation Course for Ex-Drama Queen Wannabes, will teach you the basics of Practical Zen meditation and mindfulness and how to silence the queen at its source. You can obtain a copy, free of charge, by filling in the brief form below.