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1. Special Preview – 4 Free Chapters of the TPB Book… TPB-SB-eCovera PDF of the first four chapters of The Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual, Revised 2nd Edition. Free when you subscribe to updates. Subscribe below and also receive…

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2. Finding Your Right Livelihood: A free Special Report that I wrote to help you find your most meaningful work, that work your DNA is coded to do. You’ll also receive my free weekly letter.

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The TPB Book

TPB-SB-eCoverThe Practical Buddhist: Buddhism Without the Robes & Ritual. Written in 2012, the TPB book is  where I answer the 40 or so top questions about Practical Buddhism that takes three isolated secular practices from Buddhism’s vast amount of (needless) ceremony and ritual, and explains how they helped me eliminate suffering. You can read about the book here.