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An industry leading proposal professional with over 15 years of experience, I’ve trained and managed high-performance teams, traveled extensively across the U.S. managing, writing, and editing statements of qualification and technical proposals for transportation and infrastructure design-build, CMGC, CMAR, and P3 projects for of $50M – $2B in value.

I offer a variety of  services aimed at equipping your proposal personnel in the skills necessary to transform your first and multi-voiced drafts into winning sections that are clear, concise, and responsive to your RFP.


Editing, Revision, & Rewriting

EDITING – Proposal editing involves reviewing drafts for both compliance to the RFQ/P and responsiveness to the owner’s hot buttons. This includes revisions for style, grammar, and overall readability. If the draft doesn’t read well, it will received a lower score.

REVISION – It’s often necessary to revise the organization and structure of a proposal section so that your solutions are properly presented. This includesbasic editing (see above) and revision of the overall structure of the section to best position the firm’s/team’s overall solution.

REWRITING – Sometimes, it all needs to be reworked and reimagined. Especially when you have multiple personnel contributing drafts to a section, the differences in writing styles and prose structure can be confusing for a reviewer. This can often lead to a lower score.  

High-Scoring Element: The ability to rewrite multiple-voiced drafts and blending them into one authoritative and solution-oriented style will ensure a higher scoring section.

Important Pre & Post Pursuit Services

You can’t win with dated information. In order for a successful SOQ or proposal to be produced, your project profiles, personnel resumes/CV documents, as well as company bios and other standard documents need to be current. You don’t want to arrive at your final review only to learn that incorrect data such as, reference numbers for owner personnel, inaccurate professional references for resumes and C.V.’s, inconsistent project start and/or end dates, construction values, and award listings.

Low-Scoring Element: This results in a mad dash to the finish line for those firms that don’t maintain accurate records and reflects poorly on your firm and/or team.

Resume/CV Updates & Maintenance

Keeping these crucial files updated year round is critical.  Periodic interviews of key personnel, updates to recent project experience, and even arranging for professional photos to be taken and stored is far more important than most think in achieving high scores.

Project Experience Histories

Most RFQ’s and RFP’s require specific information related to your past performance and project experience. These facts frequently change due to completion dates being extended by change orders, additional scope creep resulting in a higher project value, etc. 

Case Histories

Case histories can sell your firm’s experience and reputation faster and more efficiently than brochures that cover basic information. I’ll train your personnel how to interview your satisfied clients and craft case histories that prove the value of your services.

Independent Proposal Review

I can train your team to conduct a thorough review of your SOQ/Proposal according to your owner’s criteria. Sometimes your team, despite their expertise and dedication, can be too close to the document. This leads to a false confidence and the tendency to overlook effective differentiators, compliance and responsiveness. 

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