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Get Bullet Journal working for you..

Are you struggling to make Bullet Journal work for you on your own? Get expert guidance and create a personalized Bullet Journal that includes systems to fit your life.


The Bullet Journal Power User Guide: How To Boost Your Productivity Using Pen and Paper

When I discovered the Bullet Journal analog system for productivity management, in a very brief time it completely changed the way I approached everything having to do with planning, scheduling, and journaling.

  • I started using it for everything having to do with my professional and personal life management. After decades of using pre-formatted planners and digital apps that never quite measured up, I’d found a simple, open and adaptable system.
  • I started writing about how I was using Bullet Journal. What I found was there were a thousands of other people who’d also been looking for a simple life management system that didn’t cost an arm and leg and was adaptable to their individual preferences.
  • I wanted my readers to experience the same results I was getting. So, as a way of thanking them for their loyalty and participation, I’ve created a 2-Lesson Free Mini-Course that are now the first two chapters of the Guide:

Chapter 1 – The Power User Mindset: How To Achieve Your Goals and Experience a High Level of Success

Chapter 2 – Three Powerful Bullet Journal Practices That Will Boost Your Personal Performance

That free course literally exploded and I decided to take it further. I released a premium version of the eCourse that included 6 additional lessons. They’re now the remaining six chapters in the guidebook.

Chapter 3 – Two Powerful Decisions That Can Exponentially Increase Your Bullet Journal’s Effectiveness

Chapter 4 – How To Use Bullet Journal to Explode Your Insight and Fuel Your Creativity… Even If You’re a Left-Brained Engineer or a Horn-Rimmed Bespectacled Accountant

Chapter 5 – Creating Mods That Work for You – Taking Advantage of Bullet Journal’s Open System of Infinite Modification

Chapter 6 – Archiving Your Bullet Journals for Instant Access Even if You Throw Them Away 

Chapter 7 – The Power of the Pen: Choosing the Right Pen for Your Bullet Journal & Why It’s More Important Than You Think

Chapter 8 – Manage More Than Your Time – Incorporating Life Management Into Your Bullet Journal

It took about 140 hours to create the course and another 40 to convert it to a the eBook versions.  But what resulted, was an introductory course that anyone can understand and everyone can benefit from.

Why would you want this eBook?

For the same reason you read any how-to book: to gain the advantage. To do anything well in your professional and/or personal life requires an advantage.  Most likely you’ve taken a specialized course before, for example a course using Excel or Photoshop, an enjoyed the advantages it provided you.

When I took my MSF Basic Rider course for motorcycling, I gained the chief advantage of knowing how to take evasive action at the speed of traffic to avoid situations that might result in me lying dead on the side of the road. It was an advantage for which I’d have paid much more than the $250 it cost.

Reading this eBook provides you with several unique advantages:

  • The power to be as productive as you want to be 
  • comprehensive knowledge-base of how to implement the Bullet Journal system to increase your personal and professional productivity
  • Control over how you plan, live, and record your life
  • And the chief advantage –  expertise in managing your entire your life, as it unfolds, using the only flexible system that adapts to your preferences

testimonial-iconHere are some reviews from Power-User Students

Tom had this to say…

This is by far one of the best courses/eBooks you can invest in if you are truly serious about getting the maximum value out of your Bullet Journal. I know for myself that I was somewhat loss when I first tried the system and overwhelmed by the never-ending suggestions and combinations that others were posting. Additionally I didn’t really know how I was supposed to use it as a life management system, and would put off using it. Luckily for me, Barry’s course arrived in the nick of time at the beginning of the year. Not only did his advice and guidelines help me understand what beginner level mistakes I was making, but it also guided me step-by-step in using the Bullet Journal efficiently and effectively. No gimmicks, no artsy drawings, no BS – just the simple rules I needed to get the most important things in my life done. Whether you are a person first hearing about the BuJo and need someone to guide them through the process, or a seasoned veteran looking to take your Bullet Journal productivity to the next level, the Premium Power-User eCourse/eBook will be a perfect fit for you.   -Tom, Canada

Frank said this…

I have enjoyed Barry’s eCourse/eBook on the Bullet Journal. He is using the system and he calls it like it is. His hints are excellent. Too many Bullet Journal articles are focused on whether to use “x” or a slash or an arrow or a box to track your daily needs, Barry looks at the big rocks, and yes the pen and paper you use are important, hint hint. I am still implementing but I feel I am no longer alone trying to make the Bullet Journal work for me.  Thanks Barry!  -Rev. Frank

I’m also including the Bonus Reports

I’ve also written two bonus reports that demonstrate how how to use your Bullet Journal for more than just managing your calendar and appointments.

55f5f35c4efa4Bonus Report: Using Your Bullet Journal for Business

  • In this report I describe how to overcome the split-brain syndrome and use your Bullet Journal to mange both personal and professional aspects of your life
  • There are simple mods that can be incorporated to manage both worlds

Bonus Report: Using Your Bullet Journal for College/University

  • 55f5f37e38d7e-2Students have a lot of things going on. In this report, students benefit from learning how to achieve more control and how to organize study groups, exam schedules, work and social engagements using their Bullet Journal.
  • Specific mods for tracking all of these activities in one Bullet Journal

Buying the eBook Package

This is the best news of all. The final pricing for the eCourse was $37. However, I really wanted to make the material more affordable in the eBook so I’m pricing it accordingly. You can now get the eBook version for only $23.

 Pricing Grid

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When you buy the eBook, you’ll receive the material in two formats: PDF for reading on a PC or Mac  and a .MOBI file for reading on your Kindle or Kindle Reader (free for PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android Tablets from Amazon via App Store & Google Play). That way you can carry the eBook with you and read it on most every device you have. (Please consult your device manufacturer for instructions to import files as all have unique instructions.)

Download Instantly- $23

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