Every writer -at some point- feels overwhelmed.

When writers get overwhelmed, and every writer does from time to time, it tends to negatively impact their focus, creativity, and productivity.

I write about overcoming these issues and work directly with coaching clients to ensure that creativity and productivity remains intact.

I call this problem ‘artistic overwhelm’ and maybe it sounds familiar?

  • You’ve always considered yourself a spiritual person as well as a writer. Your brand of religion or faith isn’t the issue, but you know that it informs your identity as a writer. At its best, it enhances your writing; at its worst, it prevents you from venturing outside your moral/ethical comfort zone, thus hindering you as a writer.
  • You’re not comfortable with calling yourself a writer. You feel that you need to have been published in the traditional way utilizing an agent, a publisher, and actually seeing your book in a bookstore. You feel that these external markers would help you feel more comfortable calling yourself a writer.
  • You love to write but lose interest in your projects not long after starting them. It might have always been this way or it might be a new development, something you’ve noticed in the past year or two. You long to have a really juicy project that will hold your interest from its beginning to its logical end.
  • You’re blocked, plain and simple. You feel stuck in your project and you can’t seem to find a way to get un-stuck. Feeling this way sucks all of your creative energy from within leaving you feeling down and full of doubt. You can’t stand feeling this way and doubt that you’ll ever be creative and/or write again.
  • You can’t decide what your next project should be.  You feel the paralysis of analysis; like there are so many possibilities, but to choose one would be to betray all the others. You might feel abnormally distracted and and unable to focus on just one project.
  • You’re not making any money from your creative pursuits. This sucks and you want it to be different. But you’re unsure where to start. Should you write eBooks to sell on Amazon for a few buck per copy and hope to see millions in sales? Or should you start a blog and attract a loyal following who support you with repeat business? Or is there a balance to be achieved between the two?

 But there is hope and a way through…click here to learn more.