Ongoing coaching sessions for working through creative issues can take a few or many sessions. My approach is adapted to the issue you wish to work through based on our initial conversation and resulting sessions.

  • Single Sessions (all sessions are 75 Minutes) – $135
  • 3-Session Package – $375
  • 6-Session Packages (best value) – $700*
  • *payment plans available


Daily Writing Practice 

In Natalie Goldberg’s memorable book, Writing Down the Bones, she wrote about her daily writing practice that accompanied her meditation and training in Zen.wdthebones

Like sitting meditation or developing a mindfulness practice, writing can also be part of your daily life spiritual practice or simply a way to get in touch with the deepest self.  In this coaching program, I’ll work with you to develop a practice that takes you deeper into your own first thoughts.

You might already have a spiritual practice, perhaps you meditate or have a daily devotional. Did you know that a daily writing practice can help you deepen your existing faith or spiritual practices? Daily Writing Practice is a terrific way to work on your writing and go deeper into your internal motivations.

Barry’s Daily Writing Practice program helped me get in touch with the writer I always knew was within. ~Damian H. 

How It Works 

You and I will meet for six sessions via Skype or in person if you’re in Silicon Valley. These six sessions will introduce you to the concepts and practice of daily writing. It’s important to realize that in this program, you don’t have to submit any writing unless you you want to. This program is about getting in touch with the deeper, more dangerous thoughts within and working with that energy in your writing.

The Daily Practice Writing program will help you to:

  • develop a daily creative life practice
  • discover more about your heart and mind
  • uncover what makes you tick in a safe, private manner
  • enjoy the process of self discovery through writing
  • free your creative self to safely explore, break the rules, and rebel

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lionLions Roar, Kittens Pur

Do you have a big, scary writing project that has you petrified or stuck? It could be that the magnitude of your vision has you paralyzed and unable to more forward.

These symptoms are often thought of as writer’s block. In my experience, being blocked is the effect of unfounded fears that we associate with moving forward. Their effects can be mildly or severely limiting. This coaching program is aimed at helping you uncover and tame these big, scary lions and transform them into cute little kittens.

I loved, loved, LOVED Lions Roar, Kittens Pur. Barry was so easy to work with and he gets to the heart of what’s really important. Together we identified the root cause of my inability to move forward with my non-fiction book. Somehow, my big, scary book idea became a warm, fuzzy project that was ultimately fun and enjoyable. ~ Lacy V.

How It Works 

You and I will meet for six sessions via Skype or in person if you’re in Silicon Valley. These six sessions will introduce you to the skills and practices you’ll need to start breaking  your book idea, creative project, novel, etc. into manageable chunks so it’s not so threatening. We’ll also work through the issues that are at the root of your resistance.

This program will help you to:

  • tame that big, scary lion of a project
  • organize your project so that it’s no longer a growling lion
  • set goals for your writing project pieces
  • create a system of accountability that keeps your project on-track
  • helps you reach your writing goes and succeed in way you’ve always dream of

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General Editing, Document Review, Improving Your Writing

Some clients need other types of help and I’m happy to provide this. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall writing ability, need help with your blogging strategy or DIY publishing, I have years of experience in all of these areas. Please click here to send me a note about how I can best help you become the writer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.